Friday, September 21, 2007

First Impressions

I'm in the third week now if you count from the start of student orientation. Overall, I am having a wonderful time. Some real surprises are the amount of help offered to each other within our class and this definitely extends to the second years who have been giving of themselves non-stop, it seems, since before school even started. OSACA has also been unfailingly helpful and friendly. Many, most of the third years are doing the same, but it is obvious that by the fourth year, you are starting to break away and our focused on your own career.

Most positive experience so far: the campout was a blast and definitely worth it.

Most negative experience so far: the amount of money that this is going to cost is daunting so I hope this is worth it especially given the callousness the school treats issues of money for the students (re: student health insurance, UC Regents fee hikes, numerous nickle and dimed costs). From UCSF's point of view, I'm sure they still see it as a bargain - cheaper than private school, one of the best (if not the best) schools in the country, and relentless budget pressure. On the other hand, they seem to lack any sensitivity to the student side of the issue perhaps because they know that financial aid generally provides 100% coverage for need (conveniently considering student loans almost as if they are grants).


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