Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Wife, My Mother-In-Law, My Mother, and My Father

So the phone rings at 10:30 and my wife says it's Mom calling to wish you a Happy Fathers Day. I smile and go answer it because I suspect she's right. I almost guffaw out loud when Rosemary says hello. Of course, the real purpose of the call is to remind Laura that she has not sent a card. Cards are very important to Rosemary. To me, they are a waste of between 3-5 dollars. I still have to call my dad to wish him a Happy Fathers Day, but noone expects me to send a card. My mom will be happy that I called at all. It will be a strained conversation with my father (who I somewhat formally call "Father" since the day many years ago when I decided "daddy, mommy, and nanny" were too immature for me. Obviously the pendulum swung a bit too far the other direction at that point). My dad and I don't see eye to eye on much since his cognitive impairments increased (perhaps due to the diabetes). We are estranged, but he did an adequate job while I was growing up, I know where he is and he never actively tried to hurt me which is more than a lot of people get.


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