Monday, February 2, 2009

Litmus Tests for Stupid - Part 1

1. Denial of the need to do anything about global warming. Even if you fall on the not sure it's all man-made, the risks of doing nothing far outweigh the doubts given the level of consensus and evidence.

2. Creationism.

3. People who believe the US healthcare system is fine and dandy.

4. People who believe George Bush was anything other than a terrible president.

5. People who believe waterboarding is not torture.

6. Readers of the WSJ editorial page for any other purpose than looking for false arguments to debunk.

7. People who believe that the present financial crisis was caused by the CRA.

8. People who think the New Deal made the Great Depression last longer.

Anybody who falls into the above categories is just not worth my time.


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