Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Feeling Ripped Off?

Which, if any of these, make you feel cheated or do you just think that you win some and lose some?

1. We took our small dog to the vet to see if there was anything to do for her cancer to ease the discomfort or if we needed to put her to sleep right then. The vet charged $150 for blood work and cytology to determine that it was cancer. BUT we knew that before we got there.

2. USAir charges for water on their flights. They won't give you ice. They won't give water to a mother to mix formula and they won't give it to you to swallow a pill. They actually try to say that their goal is to give their customers choices.

3. John Edwards runs for President in the primaries and solicits contributions, then loses. It turns out if he would have won that he would have forfeited the general due to his marital affair.

4. Your server at a restaurant recommends the signature dish (a more expensive one than you would have got otherwise, but you decide to splurge). It turns out to be terrible.

Any others? Add to comments.


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