Sunday, March 2, 2008

Who would have guessed?

If I were a VC (or mysterious real estate mogul) who had provided money to, I might be having second thoughts about the quality of my executive team.

N.Y. giveaway turns into mayhem

NEW YORK (AP) -- Even giving away something for free can turn into a hassle in New York.

A video-sharing Web site set out to observe Leap Day by handing out prizes worth up to $29 on February 29 outside Union Square Park. ...


Some people wrested bags of cash-stuffed envelopes and other items from the CashTomato workers, said Jason Buzi, who identified himself as the company's senior vice president.

.... he was startled by the Manhattan mayhem.

"It turned out to be a lot of aggressive people," he said.

Now I suppose that they are operating on the theory that any publicity is good just like the stupid.

Reminds me of the E-Trade superbowl ad where the monkey does nothing.

They have been amazingly successful.